WATCH: Vintage R.Pattz & Katy Perry karaoke!

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WATCH: Vintage R.Pattz & Katy Perry karaoke!

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(Yahoo!) - What happens when you mix karaoke, alcohol, and two of the hottest stars in Hollywood? You get Robert Pattinson and Katy Perry singing "I'll Make Love to You" in a dark karaoke bar.

Yes, you heard that right.

In a 2008 video that recently surfaced online, R.Pattz and the "Roar" singer stepped up to the mic at a friend's birthday party at Dimples karaoke bar in Los Angeles, and put their own sexy spin on the Boyz II Men classic.

In the 90-second video, the "Twilight" hunk does his best to belt out the words, putting particular emphasis on the saucier verses of the tune, while Perry occasionally chimes in, but is more distracted by the height of her stool and the drink in Pattinson's hand. By the end of their performance, the "Firework" songbird is sitting in her longtime pal's lap.

The only person we don't see in this video was Pattinson's rumored then-girlfriend, Kristen Stewart.

But does it even matter? We can't take our eyes off of the duet partners. Their performance is truly a "teenage dream."


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